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Lamp is strongly committed on supporting the transition towards the circular economy and the bioeconomy. To achieve this, three guidelines are targeted:

  •  The improvement of the environmental efficiency of its production site, obtained through investments in technologically advanced lines, aimed at reducing the consumption of environmental energy resources (following the corporate ESG guidelines);
  • The reduction of scraps, the minimization of waste and the maximization of by-products, targeting the maximum reuse of internal resources within the production sites;
  • The creation of new products meeting legislative requirements, aimed to the environmental footprint reduction. It is in this vision that the development of eco-sustainable products is declined, activity which in recent years in LAMP has had an exponential propulsive development:
pannelli riciclo


These are products containing mechanically recycled plastic coming from separate collection (PCR) and/or industrial waste (PIR) which have obtained the “Plastic Second Life” (PSV) certification since 2019. Products containing raw materials coming from chemical recycling also belong to this category.


These are products derived from renewable sources, in line with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) paradigms in  consumption reduction of the components coming from fossil sources, verified by analyzes developed according to the guidlines of the Carbon 14 method.


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Human resources are considered the main company's value: Lamp aims at training its staff by proposing transversal company growth paths between the various departments.

Lamp has created an integrated service of social tools for its collaborators which allows them to count on:

The role of Lamp within society is strongly integrated in the enhancement of existing social realities by promoting their growth.