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Who We Are

LAMP was founded in 1965 in Verderio, in the province of Lecco, as a company for the production of handcrafted films and flexible plastic packaging, from which the historic acronym of “Lavorazione Artigianale Materie Plastiche” derives, which we have proudly preserved until today.
The original small family business grew rapidly and soon moved from the town center to the industrial area where it has been expanded over the years, gradually incorporating 4 buildings, for the developing of the extrusion, printing, welding and cutting departments.
Since then the expansion has continued in a gradual and constant way, up to the incorporation of a new site in 2015, allowing the optimization of the entire production area, redesigning the converting area, with the preparation of suitable spaces for the management of inbound and outbound warehouses.


Over time, LAMP has been able to gain a solid leadership position in the flexible plastic packaging sector and in the technical film for the converting market of polyolefin materials.

The corporate strategy is directed towards the acquisition of increasingly productive and technologically advanced equipments, and towards proactive R&D aimed at both raw materials and finished products, which allows us to guarantee maximum performance and sustainability by never losing sight of the needs of a constantly evolving market.

LAMP core business is the development of MULTILAYER materials in coextrusion of POLYETHYLENE (PE) and/or POLYPROPYLENE (PP), polyamide, EVOH, EVA

Production Processes

Our production structure is vertically integrated: we obtain the finished product from the polymer.

The production process, distributed over an area of ​​over 30,000 m2, is divided into 5 phases which are headed by 3 distinct departments:

  • The extrusion department is equipped with 10 blown lines which allow to obtain co-extruded polymeric structures up to 9 layers. The last two investments in chronological order consist in a Reifenhauser line and a Windmöller & Hölscher line which, in addition to offering extrusion technology and process control that ranks at the TOP of the market available today, guarantees adequate production capacity to respond to requests for high volumes in a short time.
  • The printing and laminating department is equipped with 3 high-definition 8-colour flexographic lines, in particular 2 latest generation central drum lines to comply with the most strict quality requirements of large-scale distribution, the mineral water and pharmaceutical sectors, and a Stack Type line equipped with the embossing system for FFS tubulars. The department includes a solventless lamination line (choice made on the basis of the Cyrcular directives of the ESG plan) to complete the production processes of items that require sandwich prints.
  • The sealing and cutting department consists in 7 automatic sealing lines for the creation of neutral or printed bags, highly customized based on customer specifications, mono-materials in LDPE or PP or laminated with PET, EVOH, OPA, OPP, ALUMINUM. The cutting area of ​​the department consists in three cutters for the finishing process of laminated products (mirror trimming) and for preparing films for the food and chemical sectors (top and bottom for extremely deep thermoforming and thermosealing).


Today LAMP offers the customer a 360-degrees service that can boast:

  • A vertically integrated production chain, which allow to manage offers with competitive prices and challenging lead times;
  • The internal design of customized products based on specific customer packaging needs;
  • The ability to keep the time to market of new products to the minimum;
  • Full management visibility of resources and timely control of the entire production cycle which allow rapid replanning to cover emergencies and peaks of the demand;
  • The guarantee of product quality and after-sales service for the continuous optimization of the product and the service itself;
  • Free consulting services to the customer, aimed at defining and optimizing processes involving our products
  • The ability to be a fair and available partner over time, a necessary virtue to set up long-lasting and win-win collaboration relationships that help to “team up” and to overcome the challenges and difficulties that the market offers every day.
  • The availability of adequate spaces for the storage of semi-finished and finished products, both generic such as films for palletising, and dedicated to the specific customer who wishes to manage open orders, count on entire ready orders or safety stocks in our warehouses, and formulate related picking requests with immediate delivery.
  • Ability to develop and set up new products with a view to industrial development and ecopackaging solution.

Lamp Numbers

The leadership position in the flexible packaging sector that LAMP has been able to gain on the market is solidly maintained thanks to our constantly evolving results.




Research and Development

Research and Development is a central activity in LAMP team’s approach and which allows us to offer the best products for the specific need. The approach is based on the following pillars:

  • Customer orientation
  • Flexibility
  • Technological and regulatory expertise

LAMP has been ISO 9001: 2015 certified for several years and, in compliance with these standards, guarantees direct and reverse traceability of the product up to the raw materials, an essential factor to guarantee the entire supply chain to the final consumer.

The company’s commitment to the environment is summarized in the ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification and the absolute priority of personnel health and safety aspects in the ISO 45001: 2018 certification.

More recent certifications are those concerning the sustainable approach or products made up, in whole or in part, of recycled plastic, such as the PSV certification (PLASTICA SECONDA VITA stands for SECOND LIFE PLASTIC) and ISCC PLUS.


Iso: 9001 14001 45001