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LAMP was founded in 1965 in Verderio, in the province of Lecco, as a company for the production of handcrafted films and flexible plastic packaging, from which the historic acronym of “Lavorazione Artigianale Materie Plastiche” derives, which we have proudly preserved until today.

The original small family business grew rapidly and soon moved from the town center to the industrial area where it has been expanded over the years, gradually incorporating 4 buildings, for the developing of the extrusion, printing, welding and cutting departments.

Since then the expansion has continued in a gradual and constant way, up to the incorporation of a new site in 2015, allowing the optimization of the entire production area, redesigning the converting area, with the preparation of suitable spaces for the management of inbound and outbound warehouses.

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The leadership position in the flexible packaging sector that LAMP has been able to gain on the market is solidly maintained thanks to our constantly evolving results.





From polymer to finished product.  Procedures and methodologies applied in the entire organization guarantee the traceability of the lot, the traceability of the order, the process monitoring through specific performance indicators, the continuous improvement of the human resources involved.

LAMP production cycle counts on:

  • Blown, single layer and coex, extrusion lines up to 9 layers
  • Flexographic printing lines up to 8 high definition colors
  • Laminating lines light mm. 1,400 for specialty films and laminates
  • Sealing, bag making lines and cutters for the production of bags in various formats and thicknesses
  • Slitting for the mirror finish of laminated and thermoforming films.

LAMP’s core business is represented by the production of film reels, obtained through a co-extrusion process, made up of POLYETHYLENE (LDPE) and/or POLYPROPYLENE (PP), eventually co-extruded with other polymeric materials in order to obtain the film with the stratification, the pigment and the optical, mechanical and surface characteristics requested by the customer. The range of thicknesses treated goes from 14my of films for cellophane wrapping to 450my of flexible films for thermoforming. It is possible to make films up to 3 meters wide or 6 meters single-folded.

Our packaging products can be customized with high definition printing, designed by a dedicated team of graphic technicians and implemented with our flexographic lines.